Jun 23, 2012

Lets Get Moving

As i may have mentioned before i'm moving to another house at the end of august and will be able to create a studio and start a whole new Bedroom! Oh yeaaa! I will be sad to move from where I am, only because it's across the street from the beach. But here are a few ideas i have for my room and STUDIO!!!


I love the idea of the Pallets as the bed stand!, and the painted floors.. Oh.. MY.. Sadly i will have carpet, but one day that will have to go, so, for the future we shall save the floors.. And the over all color scheme i love!

 I love all of the grey colors!!

Oh man... I Defiantly need one of these, for sureee!!


I can't wait to work on this! The room wont be very big, hopefully we are gonna design it in an L-shape, then maybe add on to it more later!  A work space up against the window, love! 

Oh the organization, so inspiring.. so is the window.. There is definitely  going to be lots of natural light.

These floors.. Yes please! I will be able to paint the floors white in the studio, can't wait! I might also try and do something with a latter.. Maybe, if i can.. ;)

Lets be honest, this is just a need.

Frames? Uhuh.

I'll post pictures when we begin and finish as well.. Thanks for reading, The Artist.

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