Jul 17, 2012


I'm in need of some motivation.. And as you may have guessed or as I may have hoped, I am blogging to help my "motivational stats"..  I might just need a blank piece of paper to draw something on.. anything, really.  anywho, I figured that since it's so hot out side and I needed to blog something this would be the most constructive thing to do.

hope these things will motivate and inspire you as much as they have me! :)

Vintage, love.

Audrey Hepburn 

Simple and elegant 

White and grey

Good morning

oh my gosh yes.. I really need one.


Brick and bright studio.

Photography. :) Sigh.. This is beautiful.

My greenhouse dream. 
love this.

Beautiful fashion, i love you!

Italy, come to me! or me come to you?

Bike. :)
Coldplay- Postcards From Far Away 

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