Jul 9, 2012

New Found Neon

These are the things that happen when I get left alone for to long.. I start making things out of.. Everything! Broken light bulb?  Check!     I also have a new found love.. of, neon.. alas it's true. I also mayy o may not have made Geometric neon jewelry..  Yep it's true. you don't think it's coming until it hits you.

Enjoy my latest creations-
A sneak peak from another photo shoot with the Light bulb hanging vases!
My new little friend! - The result of a broken light bulb.

Some neon is growing on me.. Oh, no. And it's a geometric shape!?  Handmade by me! Listing- Click here

My new obsession- Geometric Jewelry. Hand made by me! Listed here- Click this link.. Or don't, but do.

I hope you enjoyed today's post by The Artsist. 

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