Sep 12, 2012

Simply Today.

  I have moved! more or less successfully. :)  I working on getting my room put together and setting up shop again, I came up with  some new logos and new products! I am going to the art store to day to pick up more supplies for them, so keep your eyes out over the next couple of days!! I also am getting new running shoes!! yay!! Any suggestions on a brand? do you have any favorites? hopefully i'll be able to find something today or tomorrow. I will also be getting a new journal at Barns and nobles for my "inspiration" and a place to put my design for my new products in.. so very exciting! I've been using random pieces of paper to sketch things out really quick over the last few days and its been terrible and exclamatory unorganized, which only counter acts what I've been trying to do!! 

What my shopping list looks like for today:

:Fresh Mint 
:Running shoes - Plus. 
:Silver jewelry chain

The " To Do" List only gets longer:

:Etsy-Update, reply to messages, rearrange shop, renew listings                community, Marketing... etc.
:Finnish designs
:work on getting creative book together: Re-sketch.
:Find Away to organize art stuff
:Edit Photography.
:Work on CA fan page- photos-sneek peak.
:School Art work- Project 

It only gets longer from there.. Just thought i would share a little bit of my day with you! 
Thanks for reading. Alyssa.

This is what i need.

This is what i'm getting.

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  1. Nice list, I will say I agree with the fact the list never ends. I just keeps growing and growing. Guess it keeps us moving forward. Thanks for sharing!