Oct 24, 2013


"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." 

This is, in fact, how I feel. Over the last two months I feel like my life has been overwhelmed with change (all good change), and still is. The only thing that's kept me from being completely frenzied is focusing all of my energy on building the new. It been wonderful to see all the beautiful things that have come out of it, and all of the loathsome things that have become beautiful.

I ordered THE pink egg beautyblender, that so many of you have been talking about. I've heard it was made by the hands of baby angels themselves, and can't wait to try it out- Be assured that you will be hearing more on this subject after they arrive.

For all of you fitness buffs(literally): Training for the old Half-Marathon is going well, I'm getting to end of week 4 (of 12). Today is my first 5 mile run, not too shabby for me. I bought myself a little "congratulation's you're doing awesome Alyssa" gift- A pair of Zara sweats for running, now that the temperature has dropped. (I also bought a pair of trainers [not for running], and coated leggings, which is all non-related, just exciting.) Yes. I felt it was needed. Feel free to mock me on this subject, I would.

As most of you may know we had a giveaway on the blog Monday-Wednesday. Thank you, to my four wonderful entries. Smile. You're awesome. Andddddd, we have a winner- Jennifer J. was the lucky draw!!

Also, I'm dying to get my hands on a sewing machine. I was thinking of getting a Brother. Do you have a favorite old faithful?

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