Nov 25, 2013


       This Thanksgiving the whole famdamily (plus some) are headed to a beach house for the next five days (I leave Wednesday), where I pretty much plan on eating, reading and hanging-out. There's a workout room in the house that I "plan" on occupying at some point. What ever happens with my work out scheduled, I  am going to mark one or two books off my reading list this trip.

      I'm taking plenty T-shirts and sweaters and probably too much denim. My  high tops, a pare of boots, some flats, sandals (a doubt  i'll use then considering the temperature, but just in case), and my Nikes.  Sweaters are a go for this trip. And of course sunglasses, even if it's cold, it's still the beach. 

I'm also bringing the grey scarf from the Wishlist. I was able to find one I liked (almost) equally the Acne Studios grey wool scarf. It's about time for this essential to step on in my life, also working on stocking up on simple Ts.  do you have a favorite style essential?
Have a great Holiday! 

 Trainers, Nike; High-tops, H&M; Boots, Urban Outfitters

Sunglasses, Betsy Johnson

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