Mar 7, 2014



Top 4 beauty moments from fashion week. 

1. let me just say, I'm all for the wet hair look. I'm still unsure why, except for I love it and it would make my morning routine a heck of a lot shorter. Phillip Lim's (picture below) natural, "I woke up looking this good", look blew the subtle category out of the water (lets be honest, its badass). I enjoyed Marni's (above) as well and with a few adjustments I would rock it hard. I'm just still toying with the question: Reality or runway? you decide. 
Phillip Lim

2. Maiyet's grey glossy metallics above the eyes was strangely refreshing and light feeling. Not to mention the sweet under liner. 


3. Valentino never ceases to amaze me- enchanting the wold a step  leap show at a time.  I was done with the pony tail... they just had to go re-invent it. YES for spring.  *note to self: stock up on hair ties*


4. CARVEN, Carven, Carven. Those glossy eyebrow. yaass. something I've already been doing on a smaller scale. It's time to take it up a notch.


Share your favorite beauty moments this fashion week!
Photo cred:
Marni & Valentino-  Phillip Lim- Garance Doré Maiyet- AfterDRK Carven- WWD

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